Bright lights, big opportunities

NSCAD-NSRIT photoStudents and researchers at NSCAD University are changing the way audiences view movies.

Equipped with the newest equipment, and guided by enthusiastic mentors, tomorrow’s cinematic geniuses are pioneering the integration of new media technologies into the big screen experience at Cineflux: NSCAD’s Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Emerging Cinema and Media Arts.

Established through the support of the Nova Scotia Research and Innovation Trust (NSRIT), the Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI) and NSCAD itself, the high-tech facility enables collaborative studio and scholarly inquiry for researchers, research associates and student researchers.

“Since receipt of initial NSRIT funding in 2008, it’s been an extremely fertile time for NSCAD researchers,” says Dr. Kenn Honeychurch, NSCAD’s VP Academic Affairs and Research.

The initial NSRIT investment of $68,000 accompanied the awarding of a Canada Research Chair in Contemporary Film and Media Studies A second $75,000 investment by NSRIT, with matching funds from CFI, coincided with the 2011 renewal of the Canada Research Chair and allowed the university to equip and renovate facilities to create the advanced screening and studio resources necessary for research in film and film studies.

New image and sound tools being developed by digital technologies will continue to revolutionize the screen arts and Nova Scotians will be part of the change, says Dr. Honeychurch. He noted Cinematic and Interactive Media is one of six research priorities identified in the university’s strategic research plan.

In addition to providing the technology and systems to lead the industry forward with new media and digital technology, the Centre also serves as a focal point to undertake historical, critical and theoretical cinematic research.

Dr. Honeychurch says the momentum created by the investment in infrastructure has led to the donation of a number of important film collections including Canada Council Art Bank and National Film Board Atlantic Region collections.

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