Into The Great Unknown

Dr. Rituparna Kanungo demonstrates her new IRIS facility infrastructure, partially funded by NSRIT. (Photo courtesy of Dr. Rituparna Kanungo)

Dr. Rituparna Kanungo, Astronomy and Physics  Saint Mary’s University

Saint Mary’s University research team in partnership with Canada’s national laboratory, TRIUMF, is developing a program to examine the unexpected features of unknown isotopes.

Research focuses on these rare isotopes that exist briefly naturally, but only in cosmic environments such as supernovae.

The research infrastructure has innovative components, particularly use of an ice sheet of hydrogen to study collisions of these rare isotopes to unravel their properties.

“The atomic nucleus lying at the heart of every matter is a key component for life around us and is the driving fuel of the universe,” said Dr. Kanungo. “We are grateful to the Canada Foundation for Innovation, Nova Scotia Research and Innovation Trust and Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada for supporting our research initiatives and helping to motivate and train the younger generation.”


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