The numbers are impressive. The impact is breathtaking.


Nova Scotia Research and Innovation Trust (NSRIT) supports research infrastructure in Nova Scotia by matching national funding from the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI). NSRIT benefits researchers in Health and Life Sciences, Ocean Technology, Clean Technology, and Information and Communications Technology. Since 2001, NSRIT — through the Province of Nova Scotia — has awarded over $66 million to more than 340 projects at Nova Scotia research beneficiary institutions, dramatically leveraging opportunities for innovation and direct economic benefits to the people of Nova Scotia and beyond.


Bone Development Lab

If craniofacial development research doesn’t exactly ring a bell, Dr. Tamara Franz-Odendaal, Associate Professor of Biology at Mount Saint Vincent University, is happy to explain. “We study how skulls develop and how cells organize themselves to create the shapes of skulls we see today. For example, an elephant skull is different than a mouse skull […]

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Yesterday’s Songs Fueling Today’s Prosperity

Cape Breton’s thriving cultural economy continues to get a lift as researchers use today’s technology to give new life to yesterday’s songs. Using a leading-edge digitization lab funded in part by the Nova Scotia Research and Innovation Trust, Cape Breton University professors have recently been working with local musicians to breathe life into a collection […]

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New NSCC Research Uncovering Underwater Opportunities

A closer look beneath the shallow waters off Nova Scotia’s coast may soon be generating a new wave of economic opportunities. A recent investment of $798,906 by the Nova Scotia Research and Innovation Trust – with matching support from the Canada Foundation for Innovation – is helping Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) researchers capture a […]

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