The numbers are impressive. The impact is breathtaking.


Nova Scotia Research and Innovation Trust (NSRIT) supports research infrastructure in Nova Scotia by matching national funding from the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI). NSRIT benefits researchers in Health and Life Sciences, Ocean Technology, Clean Technology, and Information and Communications Technology. Since 2001, NSRIT — through the Province of Nova Scotia — has awarded over $66 million to more than 340 projects at Nova Scotia research beneficiary institutions, dramatically leveraging opportunities for innovation and direct economic benefits to the people of Nova Scotia and beyond.


Biosolids Safety: A Dalhousie Professor Gets Down and Dirty

Municipalities struggling to find the best ways to manage the biological muck removed from wastewater may soon be getting some help from a Dalhousie University professor. Dr. Gordon Price is leading a national research effort looking into a process called alkaline stabilization, a popular process used by many municipalities, including Halifax. In the process, municipalities […]

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Researchers hooked on zebrafish

Dr. Jason Berman uses zebrafish to understand the mysteries of how cancers, blood disorders, and rare genetic conditions manifest—and should be treated—in individuals. His lab is the only one in Canada, and one of only a few in the world pioneering testing drug treatments in fish. “Right now there is a big push for personalized […]

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Bright lights, big opportunities

Students and researchers at NSCAD University are changing the way audiences view movies. Equipped with the newest equipment, and guided by enthusiastic mentors, tomorrow’s cinematic geniuses are pioneering the integration of new media technologies into the big screen experience at Cineflux: NSCAD’s Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Emerging Cinema and Media Arts. Established through the […]

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