The NSR Info Tech group is a group of tech-savvy boys and girls from all around the planet. They can appear to be distinct, but the principal common issue is that a high interest in cybersecurity and online protection. We’re together because we want to give our customers all of the capacity to protect themselves from the dangers our digitalized world is filled with.

These days, cyber-attacks and hackers are becoming more sophisticated and ferocious, respectively. Thus, we assembled in a group to check all the possible antivirus solutions. We’re positive that our work can enable you to get the most suitable alternative for you to guarantee one’s protection and online privacy. We test all the goods, represented on our site, to see their performance in real life, and compare our results with results of the planet acknowledged third party testing labs.

Our team has been working in one of the main cybersecurity companies in the marketplace. With this aid, we get the essential understanding of antivirus software testing and potential weak spots of each item.